What is larp?

Larp is a co-creative, participatory artform. Most fundamentally, it is the art of experience: you are a person who lives in Marienhamn, on the Occupied Finnish Territory of Åland Islands. In Seaside Prison, participants take the roles of two families who live as neighbors by the sea. The city is sporadically bombed, and this frames their everyday life and relations to each other.

Larp is not acting. Seaside Prison is more about interactions and emotions than about performing to others. There is no audience, just the other participants who portray your neighbors and family members. In the workshop, we create a character that you embody during the larp. You will move, speak, act, and sometimes feel like your character.

A larp like Seaside Prison is not what we usually call “game”. There are no winners and losers. The goal is to create an interesting experience for yourself and the other participants. In connection to larp, we use the word “play” but it is more in the sense of “play-act” or “pretend-play” than “play a game”. Our purpose is to treat the subject in a serious and respectful manner. In Seaside Prison, the participants do not portray Palestinians, but instead play people who share a European cultural background in a fictional situation that has similarities with Gaza. Most of the characters will be Finnish.

You don’t need previous larp experience to take part in Seaside Prison.

Neither do you need to prepare in advance. Our workshop will get you ready to play. We especially encourage people with no previous larp experience to participate.

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